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Mount Sentinel solar panels 

The Mount Sentinel Green Team and we have been passionate about making a significant impact on our schools climate footprint since we all arrived at Mount Sentinel in grade 7.

We are graduating and leaving a legacy that allows every student at our school to feel like they can help make a real impact at improving our future through fundraising panels for our rooftop solar system.

Obviously this year is a #sadgrad and quite a bit different than a normal grade 12 experience. We want to use this as an opportunity to spread some sunshine and leave a legacy to inspire every student in our building for years to come.

If you would like to support the project hit the button below 

Fridays For Future Nelson is part of the global climate movement and Climate Strike Canada. We are always looking for new members and ways of connecting with our community. If you are a student or a youth interested in getting involved click the "Get in Touch" button below.

"We are not just some children skipping school or some adults who are not going to work. We are waves of change and together we are unstoppable."

- Greta Thunberg

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